Neuropsychological Testing/Evaluation – The use of empirically verified tests and procedures in the assessment of cognitive function. These tests often measure cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, language, spatial, and executive function.

Mental Status Screening – The use of a short but empirically verified test in the assessment of current mental function.

Psychotherapy – The employment of psychological and neuropsychological principles for the intervention and treatment of psychopathology.

Behavioral Problems – Modification of inappropriate behaviors that occur between staff or residents in nursing home or hospital settings.

Depression – Treatment of sad mood, loss of interest in pleasure, decreased energy, isolation, or feelings of worthlessness.

Anxiety – Anxiety disorders are often debilitating chronic conditions, which can be present from an early age or begin suddenly after a triggering event. They are prone to flare up at times of high stress.

A good assessment is essential for the initial diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, preferably using a standardized interview or questionnaire procedure alongside expert evaluation and the views of the affected person. A family history of anxiety disorders is often suggestive of the possibility of an anxiety disorder.

Emotional Disorders – Emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) is a broad category which is used to group a range of more specific perceived difficulties. Both general definitions as well as concrete diagnosis of EBD may be controversial as the observed behavior may depend on many factors.

Out-patient Professional Offices

North Texas Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
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University Behavioral Health
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In-patient Hospital Services

University Behavioral Health
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Mayhill Hospital
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Wise Regional Health System – West Campus
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